To be listened to "I want to fight against the government by playing music" Fez, a 30 years olds musician and plays his music on the streets of Paris. As a street artist, to play during demonstrations was something obvious. Demonstrations are almost like festivals: music allows people to meet more easily... and with a smile!
"I started when I was 13. I've been raised for almost twelve years in the universe of metal band music. I have played in some bands, the last one of which was called "Stomp Crush"(a mixte of punk and jazz). That's where Fez was born.
This movement inspired me. I could see in it the beginning of a desire to change. For me, it was the sign that France was finally ready to wake up at a national level, that its citizens could finally get what they were fighting for.
On a more personal view, I also saw the occasion to transmit my energy and motivation which, I hope, will get people even more motivated! If I'm here today, with the yellow vest, it's because I think that French people need more democracy and social justice. Their main claims are a citizen referendum, fighting against tax evasion, saving the environment and reducing inequalities."
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