Cholé, 21 years old. When I was thirteen, what used to annoy me the most is that when people saw me, the first thought that would cross their minds is “Oh, she’s fat”. My father used to tell me that I was fat and other children at school used to make fun of me as well. Their words used to hurt me so much. A few months later, I asked to see a nutritionist. I made some tests to know where all the weight was coming from. I also decided to see a psychologist. I shaved my hair in June 2018. It was more of an obligation than a will, I used to have long hair before, which I colored and bleached a lot. When I shaved it, I promised myself not to do colors anymore. This beautiful promise lasted a month. I started doing it again. Short hair gave me confidence in a way. People mistake me for a boy sometimes and I find it funny. I have nearly tried every color. I like blue so I did blue this time.

Marie-victoire, 18 years old. I like to match the colors of my makeup with my outfits and I like to style my hair in an almost artistic way so that all the elements of my outfit or makeup or hairstyle have something in common. I like that everything is neat and that nothing is neglected and I love to take time to find new makeup.

Laura, 20 years old. I wear braids because I find them pretty and very practical to maintain. I started to worry about it very recently because I wanted to try something new for my new life in Paris. My hair is afro nature which is for me a great complex since always. I have long smoothed my hair and worn extensions to feel more feminine, avoid laughter, and meet Western beauty criteria. And I lost a lot of hair because of that. The braids allowed me for the first time to feel beautiful without distorting my hair. I can test different colors and do what I want with them. I really feel myself with this hair.

Charlie, 20 years old. I color my hair because simply I love to feel different. I feel free. I also like to see the reaction of people who look at me and to see that we are all different in terms of taste.

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