Ameer Alhalbi, a Syrien photographer born in 1996 in the city of Aleppo in Syria.

He was a high school student until the beginning of the revolution that broke out in 2012 in echo to the Arab Spring. Despite his fear, he then started to take pictures so as to raise awareness around the world about the seriousness of the current situation in Syria.

When the siege of Aleppo finally ended at the end of 2016, all the remaining civilians and fighters were transported by buses to the outskirts of the city. At that time, Ameer walked to Bursa in Turkey, and found out that he had been awarded the World Press Photo prize. A few months later, he was on a flight from Istanbul to Paris. The next day, he was welcomed at the World Press Photo ceremony in Amsterdam. He then began a new life in Paris including that he graduated from Spéos photography School in 2019.

His work has been recognized by several international awards such as the: 

• World Press Photo prize, Spot News - Stories, 2nd prize
• Polka Magazine Photographer of the Year Award in 2016
• 2nd prize of DAYS JAPAN International Photojournalism Awards in 2017
• POY Award of Excellence
• National Press Photographers Association: NPPA 
• Bayeux calvados "Regard des jeunse de 15 ans"

As he was honoured from the Canon company on his project which he worked in Aleppo under the title "Rescued From the Rubble"

Contact: +330769168194

Photo credit : Constance Negre