Ameer Alhalbi 

Since 2013, Ameer Alhalbi (a pseudonym he chose for security purposes, to document the horrors of war in his hometown, Aleppo.) Prior to the conflict, he dreamt of playing professional football and became a photographer. A way to be involved and witness what the population, friends, and neighbors are going through. When the siege ended in December 2016, Ameer left Aleppo and Syria, and Polka Magazine honored him with the Photographer of the Year Award. He graduated from the Speos photography school in Paris in 2019. Afterward, he worked for French photo agencies and developed his own work, primarily about exiled young people.​​​​​​​

             Concours Kickstarter x Polka Prix 2019.
              World Press Photo “Spot News” 2017.
    Bayeux calvados "Regard des jeunse de 15 ans" 2017 
        National Press Photographers Association 2017.
                   2nd prize of DAYS JAPAN 2017.
                    POY Award of Excellence 2017.
             Le prix Polka "photograph de l'anée" 2016